Studioerre is a center of excellence in physiotherapy, located in the city of Brescia.

We are ten specialized physiotherapists and several doctors who work exclusively with rehabilitation issues.

Our mission is to provide our patients with a targeted approach that is complete in both medical and personal terms, in accord with current scientific knowledge.

Patients and professional colleagues alike find excellent consulting at Studioerre to define problems and treatments. Because we are a multidisciplinary center, we are experienced in handling highly complex cases.

Our rehabilitation service covers a full spectrum, including musculoskeletal rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, rehabilitation for adolescence, and lymphedema treatment.

Physiotherapists specialized in several specific fields work at Studioerre, including: Bobath® Concept neuromotor rehabilitation, manual therapy using the Maitland® Concept, rehabilitation of athletes and in amateur sports field (Load Management), functional rehabilitation, treatment and assessment of lymphedema.

We work with the Human Physiology Laboratory of the University of Brescia and actively support scientific research in rehabilitation and preventive medicine.

We work in an inviting, well-equipped location with state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment. We work in collaboration with EduMed, which has become a standard setter in Italy for training in rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

STUDIOERRE means full-spectrum rehabilitation


Unibis - Università degli Studi di Brescia
Aifi - Associazione Italiana Fisioterapisti